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Dürer Val di Cembra pathway

One of the most interesting excursions in Trentino is undoubtedly the Dürer trail, also known as the German name of Dürerweg, in the Val di Cembra mountains

It is a trekking path along 35 Km (22 miles) that develops in 8 stages from the “Klösterle” of San Floriano to the pyramids of Segonzano.

Here come together naturalistic beauties and suggestive panoramas following the deviation made by the German Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer who, during his journey to Venice in 1494, in the Adige Valley was surprised by the flooding of the river. To geolocalize the painter are watercolors that depict some glimpses.

From the square of Laghetti you can follow the indications that leads to Pochi di Salerno and then climb into the woods at the Passo Sauch. After that get down to Val di Cembra passing through the Lago Santo until you reach the Pyramids of Segonzano. Along the trail there are many places where you can have a rest and enjoy local specialties.

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