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Here is our selection of restaurants in downtown Trento. The best places where you can taste the true gastronomy of Trentino Alto Adige.

Golden Rose

Piazza S.M.Maggiore, 21

At the alleys

Piazza S. Teresa Verzeri, 1

Margon Inn

Via Margone di Ravina, 15

La Cantinota

Via S. Marco, 22/24

Pizzeria Albert

Via Verdi, 15


San Marco (Street) Park

Cathedral casket

Piazza del Duomo, 29

Ancient Well

Alley of Sat, 6

Osteria at Le Due Spade

Via Don Arcangelo Rizzi, 11

Antica Trattoria Due Mori

Via San Marco, 11

Trattoria Al Parol

Via Mesiano, 40

restaurant scrigno del duomo Trento


The city of Trento has a lot of cultural tradition and a very rich history and is the ideal place for art and culture lovers.



Course of Work and Science, 3

Buonconsiglio Castle

Via Bernardo Clesio, 5

Gianni Caproni Aeronautical Museum

Via Lidorno, 3

Tridentine Diocesan Museum

Piazza Duomo, 18


San Marco Theater

Via San Bernardino, 6

Social Theatre

Via Oss Mazzurana, 19

Santa Chiara Theatre

Via Santa Croce, 67

Sanbapolis Theatre

Via della Malpensada, 82


Civic Gallery of Trento Mart

Via Belenzani, 44

The Galleries of Piedicastello


Cellar Contemporary Art

Via San Martino, 52

Raffaelli Studio

Via Livio Marchetti, 17

Boccanera Gallery

Via Alto Adige, 176

restaurant scrigno del duomo Trento


After a long walk through the historic center of Trento, there is nothing better than sitting on a terrace and having an aperitif.

Academy Bar

Alley Colico, 8

Coffee House

Via S. Pietro, 38


Via Oriola, 29

restaurant scrigno del duomo Trento


There are many things to like about Trentino and among those things there are certainly our desserts and ice cream known and loved by all. You can’t come to Trento and not taste our delicacies. Here’s our list of ice cream shops and bakeries.


The Chocolate House

Via Belenzani, 21

Bertelli Confectionery

Via Oriola, 29

Theater Patisserie Bar

Via Oss Mazzurana, 16

Pastry shop Lott

Corso Tre Novembre, 56


Green Tower

Via del Suffragio, 2

Peterle Ice Cream Parlour

Via IV Novembre 101, Gardolo (TN)

Pingu Ice Cream Parlour

Via Paolo Oss-Mazzurana, 35

restaurant scrigno del duomo Trento


The streets of Trento’s historic center are filled with small stores and bookstores that tell so much about the people of Trento and the city’s history, and we are proud to share them with you.


La Viaggeria

Via S. Vigilio, 20


Via Mazzini, 14

I reread

Via S. Martino, 64

Paper Dreams

Via del Suffragio, 1


Via del Pioppeto, 24, fraz. Gardolo

Blue chair

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 51


Via Santa Croce, 35


Moser Cycles

Via Calepina, 63


Historical Shops

The list of the Municipality of Trento

restaurant scrigno del duomo Trento


The historic center of Trento is the perfect place to get lost in the alleys and small streets that lead you to unexpected places. Also, near Trento you can find trails with unique stories and traditions.

signs via cervata

Walk through the alleys of the center of Trento

Visit Trento a few steps from Hotel Accademia

For those who want to visit and know the city of Trento, our advice is to start with a walk through the historic center and discover all the alleys.

Once you have finished your walk through the city, we suggest you take the road behind Buonconsiglio Castle, from Via della Cervara, to find the best place to see the city from above.

Trento Sardagna cable car cabin

Sardagna by cable car

Trento city overview

Near the central station of Trento, before the San Lorenzo bridge, there is the cable car that takes you to the village of Sardagna. The total height difference is about 400 meters and in Sardagna you will find a beautiful view of the city of Trento. The cable car operates every day of the week, from 7:00 a.m. until 10:30 p.m. and on particularly windy days it is replaced by special buses. The travel time is 4 minutes.
Once you arrive in Sardagna you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city of Trento and if it’s lunchtime we suggest you the Osteria San Rocco .
For those of you who prefer to climb on foot, here is the link for more information and a pleasant walk.

And for our guests who stay for two or more nights Hotel Accademia offers the possibility to reach Sardagna by cable car for free. More information can be found on our page dedicated to Trento Card.

Mount Calisio of Trento

Mount Calisio

Paths of Monte Calisio

In the vicinity of Trento is the Monte Calisio with trails of varying difficulty where you should take a walk and then stop to eat at the farm Calcaiol.

Albrecht Dürer: Castle of Trent (British Museum)

Dürer trails Val di Cembra

Trails and Art

One of the most interesting excursions to do in Trentino is undoubtedly the Dürer path, also known by the German name of Dürerweg, on the mountains of Val di Cembra.

It is a 35 km long trekking route that develops in 8 stages from the “Klösterle” of San Floriano to the pyramids of Segonzano.

Here come together naturalistic beauties and suggestive panoramas following the deviation made by the German Renaissance painter Albrecht Dürer who, during his journey to Venice in 1494 in the Adige Valley, was surprised by the flooding of the river. To geolocalize the painter are watercolors that depict some glimpses.

From the square of Laghetti you can follow the indications that lead to Pochi di Salerno and then climb into the woods at the Passo Sauch and then get down to Val di Cembra passing through the Lago Santo until you reach the pyramids of Segonzano. Along the trail there are many places where you can have a rest and taste local specialties.

Mount Calisio of Trento


Gitta in Sopramonte

Small trip to the locality of Sopramonte very close to the city of Trento and stop at theOsteria sant’Anna.

Albrecht Dürer: Castle of Trent (British Museum)

Val dei Mocheni Kaserbnis

Walks on the trails